Suki Horne, RN, AP


Facial Rejuvination

What Facial Rejuvenation Does

  • Accelerates collateral circulation - thats over all circulation
  • Enhances microcirculation - thats in the cell
  • Brings healing to photo damaged skin - tissue repair
  • Increasing blood flow which brings nutrients to skin cells and takes toxins away
  • Moves stagnation by stimulating acupuncture points around the face - facial puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, loss of skin tone, puffy eye bags.
  • Assists in stopping inflammatory conditions- rosacea, acne, alopecia eczema and psoriasis, and without side effects!
  • Triggers the regenerative processes inside the cells causing revitalization of skin and giving luster to the face

About the Laser

  • Light with specific features- every living cell needs light
  • Light which is absorbed into the tissue - superficial subcutaneous tissue in this case - absorbed into the individual cells where it is turned into energy
  • Light which helps the cell to absorb nutrients more efficiently for cellular health and growth and allows toxins or cellular waste to go out easier
  • Light  that works with the collagen synthesis of the tissue
  • Laser light smoothes and stretches the skin  provides an over all soothing of the skin, improving its look
  • The laser assists flexibility and elasticity to be returned to the skin by improving the over all health of the skin. Facial wrinkles smooth out in this way.
  • Myorelaxation is created by the laser light allowing the muscles to release any tension which also works with facial wrinkles

The initial visit is like any other initial acupuncture visit.

A patient history is taken, the pulses and tongue presentations are considered and all the information is compiled for a diagnosis and then a full body treatment plan is derived. It is important to start with a full body treatment because we are whole bodies and not just a face. How the bodies organs are functioning has a great deal to do with not only the skin but also the many other body functions that need to go on to maintain health.

If a person presents with sagging skin the Spleen would be of interest, or wrinkles and age spots might indicate Liver Qi stagnation. Kidneys might manifest problems with dark circles under the eyes. So you can see that knowing how the body is doing as a whole is very important.

The subsequent facial rejuvenation protocol treatments are short - 15 to 20 minutes. And to the point, only the laser is used in these visits! During one of these visits, after you have removed ALL your make-up, you will be seated, fully clothed, in a comfortable recliner where easy access to your face can be achieved. And you just enjoy! Let the laser do the rest. Thats it - Easy!

The subsequent visits are done 6 Consecutive weeks in a row and this is important for the continuity of the work being done with the skins elasticity and smoothness. At 6 weeks reassessment will be done and another full body treatment. At that time a maintenance program may be desired- you decide.

The initial visit is $80.00 for a new patient.

Follow up 6 consecutive visits for $120.00. Existing patients need only sign up for the subsequent visits